Micro Greens from our own Kitchen Gardens

What to sow in the month of April in a hot and humid climate – Kitchen Garden Harvesting Basics

The best part about living in a region that belongs to the tropics, is that there is always something to sow and something bountiful to harvest. While our garden friends from northern states like kashmir or countries like the UK are just about getting their spring seedlings ready, us tropical folk living in the western and southern states like Maharashtra, Goa and Chennai also have a lot of exciting summer season ahead of us.

This is the sowing season for veggies like Lady Finger, cucurbits, gourds and greens like amaranth, Malabar Spinach, Ceylon  spinach and morning glory which is also known as morning glory. Go ahead and prep your garden with various varieties of these seeds and saplings so as to experience a blissful harvest season that will begin just before the monsoons arrive.

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