Grow your own Ginger

How to grow Ginger at Home

Typically in the months of April and May in the kind of hot and humid weather we have in Maharashtra, Ginger rhizomes send out green shoots like what you can see in the picture. These are the ones I saved from my last harvest but you can bring some from your local market too.

Ideally, keep them in a cool, dark place (not refrigerator, a cabinet or drawer perhaps) wrapped in a dark cloth for a week or so and then when you open it, you should see these green shoots emerge. It’s time to sow now. You can use a long shallow pot for sowing ginger, as they can grow pretty much in 1 foot of soil.

Folks who have farms can try growing ginger around your mango trees as well. As ginger doesn’t need too much sun, you can grow it under the shelter of another plant in your pots as well, just ensure it gets nutritious and well ventilated soil so that the roots get enough room to grow 🙂

A good ginger crop takes atleast 9-10 months to be ready for harvest. I’ve had students try to harvest at six to eight months with the green stem intact as a shortcut to propagate again. And I get very irritated with them for not listening and for trying silly ‘shortcuts’ like this. Please understand that any food harvested before it’s time doesn’t reach its true potential and then will not give you the maximum benefit for which you grew it to begin with.

Okay all this info should suffice I think.

Reach out to me at [email protected] for more tips and tricks on growing your very own seasonal veggie path and reaping plentiful harvests at home!

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