At Edible Gardens, we help you understand your green space and grow your own food. No matter how big or small, a space when designed correctly can reap bountiful harvests. While one part of designing your garden means looking at aesthetics, that’s just one part. Designing your space for the right amount of ventilation, sunlight, water and soil is paramount before you begin bringing plants home. And here’s where you could use my help.

If you’d like a more hands on approach, You can connect with Diipti over a phone call or an online video consultation or subscribe to her monthly subscription to learn more in depth details about local, seasonal growing secrets. Here’s a lot of services that you can avail of to get your very own edible garden blooming with plentiful harvests.

Farm Design in Mumbai

Farm Design

Designing a farm land from the bare basics so as to improve the water table, avoid forest fires and increase yield. Design an urban farm so as to maximise utility of limited space and sunlight, avoid leakage issues.

Gardening classes in Mumbai

Corporate Seminars, Workshop and Gardening Classes

Attend a series of open workshops, gardening classes or organise a private session for your team to enjoy a fun and informative gardening session together. 

Complete Farming Solution

Design Implementation and Maintenance

A full service plan where we design, implement and maintain your garden for you with a promise of regular and plentiful, organic, seasonal harvests.

Complete Farming Solution

Farm Tours - Once in a Lifetime Experience in the Farms

Want to experience life at an urban farm or a picnic to the countryside? Reach out to us for group visits to organic farms that we manage.

Subscription to our Farm Design Services

Monthly Subscription Module

This is a special one that people have been loving and hooked on to since the pandemic started. We offer a monthly subscription module wherein we send you how-to pictures, videos and information about growing your own food as per your region and local season. 

To kickstart your gardening journey, do reach out to us at [email protected] or speak with Diipti directly at +91-9820722363.

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