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Edible Gardens is India's leading voice in the regenerative agriculture and urban farming space. We believe in mimicking Nature’s methods first, before seeking any man-made interventions. We have built a strong base in setting up food forests across urban and rural landscapes.

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Client Testimonials

I have been subscribing to the Edible Gardens online modules since March 2020. Knowledge of the edible gardens team is immense. They guide you with 100℅ natural organic techniques to promote plant growth and eliminate insect attack.

Samta Rathore

The gardening classes that I did with Dipti are Fabulous.  It made me feel enriched as I was learning new stuff.  After every class I would get back home new edible plants.It also made me feel so happy and calm as gardening is therapeutic.Dipti has a nice and cozy set up in her balcony which is just across Carter Road. Dipti is simply superb:  Her knowledge is immense and explains things in a very simplified manner.

Prache Poddaar

I always believed I was a plant killer and that I would never be able to nurture anything, forget actually growing a plant. I joined Diipt's Edible Gardens workshop and in 4 weeks, everything transformed. Diipti has a wonderfully holistic approach to teaching people about gardening. She is compassionate, patient, and kind, and during the 4 weeks, she taught me to be the same with myself, with my plants, and with my approach towards gardening. By the end of the course, I not only learnt about composting, different types of soils, seeds and plants, and our connection with nature, I also grew and harvested my own microgreens! I absolutely love working with soil, seeds, and plants, and it's all thanks to Diipti. Would recommend working with her in a heartbeat.


You made the gardening sooo relatable not for me, also for my child She now plants small saplings on her own . We now have our own kids to take care of. U just made it soo easy and so interesting. Your practical knowledge makes us soooo confident.


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