Welcome to Edible Gardens. It has been my dream for a few years now to help people grow edible gardens in our city. Over the past five years I have studied and practiced urban farming, balcony gardening and permaculture.  I am passionate about living the green life in Mumbai city. It sure is tough but very much doable, just like our grandparents - the way they lived an eco friendly life. I have been composting my kitchen waste at home and enjoy helping people get on with their green journey.

I conduct regular classes and workshops teaching you how easily you can grow your favourite foods at home. I’d love to meet you at my next workshop.

– Love,
Diipti Jhangiani

Grow your own Spinach or Mustard at home. You don't need too much space at your home to grow these greens. Reach out to me and I'll show you how.

Wouldn't you love growing some tomatoes in your window grill? Let's start with learning how to grow a little tomato sapling!

For your kitchen wouldn't it be lovely to grow a little herb garden? Let me teach you how to maintain a lovely home herb garden in Mumbai.

Roots are super easy to grow and their nutrition levels are stories of legends! Don't throw away the leaves as they are packed with nutrients too. Reach out to me and I'll show you how to grow them at home.

The humble basil has so many varieties you will be amazed! How about having your own collection of basil? I'll teach you how to grow a basil garden at home!

Grow your greens at home! Methi, Amaranth, Mustard and more. Let me show you how at my regular gardening classes in Mumbai.

You can grow so many varieties of plants right from their seed at home, no matter how little the available space! I'll show you how to grow your little edible home garden at my regular gardening classes in Mumbai.

Learn the right way to transplant baby saplings. Learn how to nourish tomato saplings and many more varieties of edible plants at my gardening classes and workshops in Mumbai.

I'll teach you when it is the right time to grow the right vegetables in the right season too.