Where We Began

I started my career 15 years ago as a journalist. I worked my way through Times of India, Network 18, UTV to name a few. The stories I covered took me places but also brought me closer to issues our country and cities face. Waste management and environment change makers - were two topics I connected with deeply and decided I could do something about it personally.

The turning point was when I took myself through a 30-day kitchen composting challenge. I had interviewed several change-makers who taught me the process and I wanted to get over the myths around kitchen composting - it smells, it is a painful process, etc. I remember seeing rag-pickers and garbage collectors do their rounds each morning taking away everyone's discarded waste discretely wrapped in black bags and I absolutely hated to see this every day. 

I chose kitchen composting as my first step towards going green primarily because I thought, "We live in the 21st century, why should someone else have to manage my waste?"

When you look into where our waste goes, it really is never managed, it is just thrown and pollutes the ocean eventually. I hoped that I could start solving this issue by converting my kitchen waste into a resource. At the end of the 30-day challenge, I wrote about my experiences and shared with everyone how simple and easy the process is.

And when I realised I could grow food using the rich compost I brew, I instantly fell in love. I had tomatoes, bhindis, chills, corn and more growing around my building.

I had neighbours sending me their dry leaves, happy that they did not have to burn them any more and I had plenty of dry leaves to brew compost. 

Since then my vision changed, everywhere I looked I saw dry leaves lying on the roadside as precious biomatter, every lawn I saw I could visualise veggie plants and fruit trees all over and I thought, "hey why can’t I make it happen for the world?"

And that’s when Edible Gardens was born.  

My love and focus in all my projects will and always begin and end with brewing soil. 

About The Founder

Diipti Jhangiani is a practicing urban farmer. She has been training individuals in the field of organic waste management and kitchen gardening since the past four years. She has consulted farm land owners in Delhi and Mumbai; specialises in soil restoration and vegetable farming on the principals of Indigenous Farming, NatuEco farming and Permaculture. She is based out of Mumbai, India.