Where We Began

Our company Edible Gardens originated with the idea of restoring soil and growing food. This concept focuses on caring for the earth, designing spaces that enrich the local biodiversity with vegetation that can give you a year-round yield; without the use of artificial chemicals.

Using indigenous principles, working with natural elements, we at Edible Gardens provide services for natural and artificial growing environments. From restoring farm land to growing food on terraces and balcony spaces with the objective to use local resources, biomass and organic waste, we function on a self-sustainable, low-carbon ideology.

Applying advanced technologies like bio-mimicry and principles of growing food forests in limited spaces and harsh conditions, we work towards bringing life back to the earth.

About The Founders

Diipti Jhangiani is a practicing urban farmer. She has been training individuals in the field of organic waste management and kitchen gardening since the past four years. She has consulted farm land owners in Delhi and Mumbai; specialises in soil restoration and vegetable farming on the principals of NatuEco farming and Permaculture. She is based out of Mumbai, India.

Reagan Creado is a practicing farmer. He has been in this space for over five years and consults clients on farm land restoration, earth works and water systems. He currently working on projects in Marathwada, Lonavala and Madh Island on the principals of broad-scale Permaculture and Biodynamic farming practices. He is based out of Mumbai, India